Changing Beliefs

Changing beliefs

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In order to change an old belief  you need to develop a new one and then convince yourself that the new belief is true. You can do this by seeing the new belief in action either through other people, or in yourself.

There are lots of ways to do this.

  1. You can read books and listen to tapes by people who have the belief that you want to have. This will re-enforce this new belief for you so that it is real for you.
  2. You can also read biographies of people who have a positive view on the new belief that you want to have. This will help you understand that anything is possible.
  3. Tell yourself over and over that you can have whatever you want. and take action in that new direction. The “taking action” part of that is vital. You can talk yourself up as much as you want but without taking the right action you will stay where you don’t want to be
  4. Do something to move your life forward in the new direction you want to be moving. At many points along the way, you may get in touch with beliefs that stand in your way, work to create new ones.
  5. Plan for success by creating a life plan that includes success. Write it out.
  6. Do a treasure map with pictures of what you want. See in your creative mind, yourself having whatever you want. When doubts come up, just acknowledge it and move forward. When you think of what you are trying to create, keep telling yourself, You can do it!

Find out what it is about success that scares you about changing your beliefs.

Your old beliefs may be serving you well if you are afraid of the responsibility that comes with your successful shift to the new belief. Or, you may be afraid of losing your connection to your peer group or your family if you move your life forward

It is important to get rid of the critic in your head. A lot of your negative self-talk will be coming from some mythical critic you have created or learned. The fact is, you can tell yourself whatever you want. Your subconscious mind, which creates your life, will believe whatever you tell it. So tell yourself that you are wonderful, delightful, talented, creative, able, deserving, lovable, worthy, etc. If the critic interrupts, acknowledge it and go back to the positive self-talk. Make positive self-talk your daily habit. And then …. yes, you know what I am going to say …. follow it up with some positive action in that direction

If you aren’t happy with your life the way it is now, you owe it to yourself  to do something about it in order for it to change. Waiting for it to change is not the answer. Once you identify the core negative beliefs that are stopping you from having the life you want, you can start to understand the emotions that you are acting out through your life as it s at the moment. Your emotions are the result of your beliefs.

Keep in mind that this whole thing is a process and you have to be really motivated to have a different kind of life in order to get out of your old rut. It is so much easier to keep on doing whatever it is you have been doing than to step out of your comfort zone and propel yourself forward.

No matter what your life is like now and how you are living it, you have the ability to change and create whatever you want. Take a chance and do something different this week. You’ll love the pay off