Act your age – you’re too old to have fun

Act your age – you’re too old to have fun

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Most of us have been embraced by our parents actions at sometime (or example seeing them on the dance floor at a wedding). There is a dawning process when you realised that your parents are human beings and not just there to feed, clothe and give you things that you needed.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we are human and not just there for other people. We want to have fun but often forget how.

Society tells us that at different stage in our lives we should conform and act our age. A five year old can act irresponsibly ‘she’s only a child’. At sixteen, ‘well he’s just a teenager he’ll grow out of it. A twenty five year old, ‘look to the future, start saving, be responsible, get a pension, settle down, where are my grand children?’ And the poor 40 plus, ‘surely you don’t still want to have fun?’

The pressure is on from an early age to make something of ourselves. This often comes from the honest desire of parents concerning over their child’s future. As you move onto school and University there is added pressure to achieve. A good education is important, but as we strive to please we often miss out on what life is really all about; living to your fullest potential which is helped along by having lots of fun in your life.

The truly fulfilled person is the one who gets up each morning and looks forward to the day ahead. He or she loves what they do for work and leisure because it is fun. Even the most serious jobs can be fun depending on whether that job is right for you and how you approach it. To the fulfilled person their job is not just a way to supply enough money to meet their needs; it is an extension of who they are.

People make excuses for not having fun. The ‘if only’ syndrome comes up again and again. If only I had enough money, the right partner, a different job, was slimmer, then I would be happy and have fun. The truth is that when you get that if only thing you will find another to replace it with. Don’t seek happiness or fun in other people or things; it is yours for the taking. Even if your life is not perfect it costs nothing to smile or to appreciate the things round about you. It doesn’t take a good job or a partner to let you laugh and see the best that the world has to offer.

Children mimic adults in many ways. If they are around adults who smoke often they smoke when they are older. Children who see adults being aggressive towards each other when they are young are likely to be more aggressive themselves later in life. By the same token when they have lots of fun and security in their life they will grow into adults who are well balanced and happy. When is the last time you showed the next generation how to enjoy themselves and have fun? Think of things you can do right now to make life for yourself and the people around you more fun. The choice is yours, have fun no matter what age you are…..or not! What are you waiting for?