Enjoy Where You Are in Life Right Now

Enjoy Where You Are in Life Right Now

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Sometimes we spend so much time looking to the future or dwelling on the past. But the only time we have any control over is the present. I come across many people who for whatever reason spend so much time in the past or future that they forget to enjoy what it is that is going on in their life right now.

Of course the past can be remembered and the future can be and exciting prospect but remember the present is what really matters. Only by living in the present moment can you be aware of the lessons of your past and the potential of your future.

Here are a few tips on how to be present and enjoy where you are in your life right now

  1.  Just relax … easier said than done sometimes, but when you master it you will feel the benefit
  2.  Don’t let your focus on the goal spoil the journey … people forget to enjoy the build up to what they want to achieve because they are so focused on the end result
  3. Appreciate what you already have ….. that is not to say you shouldn’t want more, but enjoy what you do have until you get what you really want
  4. Enjoy the things you can do for free … often free things are the most precious, so explore all that is around you that are abundant and available
  5. S = stop … and think of the positive things that are already in your life
    T = thank … whatever or whoever gave you these good things (remember that might be yourself)
    R = remember … that you always have choice, even when you feel you don’t
    E = end … negative thoughts, they only reinforce negative beliefs
    S = surround … yourself with positive people
    S = start … doing whatever it takes to reduce stressful situations in your life
  6. Do not mistake contentment for laziness … work on improving your physical, emotional and spiritual self while appreciating what you already have
  7. Laugh at the little things that go wrong … and reassure yourself that they will have no long term effect in your life
  8. Consider the life you have … and give yourself a pat on the back for all you have achieved
  9. Stress is normal … you are human so you will inevitably be stressed sometimes. How you let it affect you is the key to handling it or not
  10. Look in the mirror … you are perfect as you are right now, even if there are some physical or emotional changes you want to make in the future