Feeling Your Worth

Feeling Your Worth

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I think self-worth is mostly about attitude and about what is happening in your life at that time. Self-worth is about how you feel about what /who you are.

The thing is sometimes we have great self-worth and other times not so much. But the thing is that from one day to the next our life hasn’t really changed much and we are still the same person. It is our perception of our self and life that has changed.

One thing I often say when I am facilitating workshops or giving talks is that if someone has achieved something in the world then there should be nothing stopping you from achieving it too. In other words if someone has run a marathon (which they have) then no matter how unfit you feel you are, you should with the correct preparation be able to do it too. The same is tru about how we feel about ourselves. If you have had good self-worth in the past and seem to be lacking it at the moment then because nothing has changed with the ‘who’ you actually are then it is easily gotten back

Here are a few tips that may help to increase your self-worth

Do something for someone else that will have no benefit to you

Remind yourself of your past achievements. These can be academic, as a parent, in your career, in your community or anything else you can think of

Reward yourself tonight for something you did well during today

Remind yourself of you fundamental basic beliefs (some may call these their morals)

Tell those you love how much they mean to you

Allow yourself to forgive yourself. Guilt has no place in your life

Face your fears. Very few things boost self-worth as much as facing up to fear and taking away its negative effect it has on you