Fingertip Living

Fingertip Living

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Some of us think in words. People who do this, verbalise their thoughts to others and to themselves. When they listen to someone those people who think in words concentrate on the words to gain understanding.
Other people think in pictures. I fit into this category. When I want to explain something to someone I tend to paint a picture for them. Not with actual paints but by telling them a story. When I want to understand something that someone has told me, again I tend to use pictures in my mind to make the concept clearer.
Fingertip Living to me conjures up the image (there I go thinking in pictures again) of someone hanging onto a cliff top by their fingertips. In this picture they have a strong hold on the cliff top even if it is a somewhat precarious one.
In my image this person isn’t really in much danger of falling off or letting go of the cliff edge but on the other hand never seems to have much of a firm grasp of what he/she is holding on to
Talking to lots of people, I have come to realise that many of them actually do live their life like this; never actually getting a secure grip on their life yet not in any real dander of “losing it”.
Going back to my image again of the person hanging onto the cliff by their fingertips, it occurs to me that he/she would love for someone to come along and grab them by the hand and help them out. I think that in the image they are almost waiting for someone to come along and ‘save’ them
I began to think about this because I think that often the same is true in real life.
No there are not people hanging around by their fingertips all around the world but there are people waiting to be rescued.
When we don’t have a strong grip on our life purpose (or as us coaches call it a strong foundation) or a clear vision of where we want our future to be, we often look for a savior, someone to help us to achieve.
There is nothing wrong with asking for or needing help to achieve certain things. In fact I encourage people to get their needs met by doing just that, asking for help. However it cannot be healthy to simply ‘hang around’ expecting anyone else to come out of the blue and do it all for us.

Find your own personal vision. If you already know what you want to be doing in certain areas of your life then pull yourself up and start to make it happen. When you start along the road to making your life even better than it already is, re-clarify your purpose from time to time otherwise you may end up just hanging on again, it may even be to a different cliff. Then continue to take action. The kind of positive action that will keep you moving on to where you want to be

Finding your vision

  • Check your values
  • Clarify your purpose
  • Take action