Love – An emotional impulse or a physical expression

Love – An emotional impulse or a physical expression

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It is one of the most sought after gifts that one person can bestow on another; the gift of being loved. But it is all too easy to dismiss this ‘Love Gift’ as an intangible emotion which can or cannot be proved to even exist.

It is the easiest thing in the world to utter words like ‘I Love You’ but how can it be proved that this famous phrase is not just an empty gesture with no substance but a heart-felt sentiment with feeling and meaning?
So this then begs the question as to whether love is actually emotion or a physical.

Some might argue that the physical love to which I refer is actually simply an outward expression of the emotional love that one person feels towards another. A gift given is a physical expression of the emotion felt. A kiss or hug, similarly could be claimed to be an external expression of the internal emotion called love.

I suspect however that neither and both are the correct interpretation of love. In reality love that is expressed entirely as an emotion is only half the story as is the physicality of love. One compliments the other. The warm feeling of someone verbally expressing their love for you followed up by a physical expression of that emotion is the real deal.

I work with people in relationships who are deeply in love as well as with single people looking for love. My research and experience regarding love made me realised that the internal emotion of love is nothing if it is not expressed outwardly. This outward expression of love doesn’t need to be a gift. It can just as easily be an action or even a thought.

By gift I mean, well just that, the giving of a gift.

By action I mean a hug, kiss or even doing something for the person you love that will help or benefit them.

By thought I mean radiating positive energy to those around you as well as further afield.

Forgiveness can be an outward expression of love. First through forgiveness is an internal thought; you first need to internally forgive the person. Then the thought of forgiveness becomes an action. The act of telling the person that you have forgiven them is the physical expression of the emotional thought. It is no good just forgiving them and not telling them about it.

For most of us love is not a difficult concept to understand. But for many it is not an easy one to put into physical or emotional practice

Love is gentle
Love is kind
Love forgives
It’s in the mind
The words I Love You
So good to hear
But better followed
By something to wear