Making Dreams a Reality

Making Dreams a Reality

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We all have them …. dreams that is. Dreams are just ambitions that you have not yet begun to act upon so as to make a reality. It seems that the younger we are the more ambitious the dreams we have for ourselves. Ask any child and they will have huge ambitions with seemingly no limits. But as we get older we tend to sometimes let our dreams remain dreams and accept reality as whatever it is that we have right now. We don’t appreciate the fact that reality is not static it is fluid and we can achieve anything we put our mind to no matter what age we are or life situation we find ourselves in.

Want it Bad enough

How much do you want it? One thing is for sure, the more you want something the more determined you will be that you get it. Think how much effort you made to woo the love of your life. Or how much studying you did for an exam you needed to pass. Or how hard you saved for that new outfit you wanted. How much do you want your life dreams to come true?

Want it For You

Is your dream based on what someone else wants for you or expects of you or is it something you want for yourself? Yes we often do things for other people but the most effective way of making sure your dreams become a reality is to take ownership of the dream and want it for your own reasons and not to please other people.

Take One Action Now

Don’t wait until tomorrow to take action. Do it now. Take one step NOW towards making your dream a reality. Remember that just thinking about it is not an action step forward. The forward momentum of taking action is increased the more often you take small action steps.

Pain or Pleasure

It is the same old story; if we are in a place, in any part of our life, of mediocrity then we don’t move forward. Mediocrity brings complacency and complacency means stagnancy. Introduce pain or please into your dream. In other words, what will it pain you NOT to make your dream come true or what pleasure will it bring you if you were to achieve your dream. The more pain or pleasure that is associated with achieving or not achieving your dream the more effort you will put into making sure it happens.

Happy dreaming ……………………