When People Let You Down Don’t Let it Get You Down

When People Let You Down Don’t Let it Get You Down

I have often been asked the question – “How can I stop feeling hurt when someone close to me lets me down”?

I suppose the short answer to that question is that as long as we live in communities and not on a desert island all alone, there will always be people who let us down.

But we really need to look a little deeper to find out if in actual fact it is possible for anyone else to let us down or if we are responsible for how we feel about how other people are towards us.

I am pretty strongly of the opinion that we cannot hold others responsible for how we feel about any given circumstance or situation in which we find ourselves. We are always responsible for our own feelings even if they are the consequence of another person’s actions.

Living amongst other people in a community is never going to be easy. There will always be some people who have egos and set out to damage those around them. there will always be the person who will do anything to get their own way. and there will always be the need for some people to cause others to feel bad abut themselves because of the actions or non-action they take

But here is the secret. You can choose to allow the negativity coming towards you from others to affect you in one of two ways; to build you up and make you a stronger person physically and emotionally or less of the person you are by letting it get to you.

  1. Choose those with whom you want to interact and choose only those who build you up and bring out the best person dwelling inside you.

  2. Avoid those who brings you down and lessens the happy spirit within you.

  3. Let go of cold and harsh words directed towards you from others and hold onto the thoughts and acts that build your spirit

  4. Be around those with whom you feel a positive connection and allow those with egos to pass you by

  5. Don’t dwell on why you think someone is the way they are and why you think they might want to let you down

  6. You are responsible for your own actions and words, not for anyone else

The important thing to remember when you feel someone has let you down is that you can choose to take the lesson from what has happen and remain positive and stronger because of it