Where the Grass is Greener

Where the Grass is Greener

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As you may know, as well as facilitating workshops and seminars, I coach people on a one to one basis. Many of the people I have as clients are in the entertainment industry.

I was talking to one of my clients a while ago and she came up with this kind of cool observation. I asked her if I could share it with you and she agreed.

She said: ‘Its amazing how much a lot of people (especially the younger ones) who aren’t celebrities wish they were one, yet the people who are celebrities often find it too much and wish they weren’t’

It made me think that so often we are driven, not by what we want, but by what we don’t want.

Most of us will have heard the saying ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’ But Isn’t it the case that many people are not happy with the ‘present’ and are always rushing towards the future for no other reason than that it looks better than what they already have? If this is you, always searching for something new then ask yourself if what you are doing is merely running away from your present situation, which will, sooner or later raise itself again.

Ask yourself which parts of your life you want to improve upon. Often there is no reason for a complete change in situation, instead some small tweaks to what you already have is all that is needed.

I am reminded of a neighbour who had relationship issues with his partner and so decided to leave the country because he wanted to have a new start in life. There is nothing really wrong with wanting a new start as long as the challenges that you are leaving have been dealt with. The difficulty was that a few years later he was in the same situation within another relationship except this time it was in a different country. The grass was no greener on the other side for him

Until we get to the route of what is really happening in your live now and discover what drives us forward, the grass will be exactly the same shade of green no matter where you are.

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