Have The Life You Want Instead Of Talking About Having The Life You Want

Having The Life You Want

There are millions of people in the world who have the life they want and they don’t want to change a thing. There are however many others who would like to change one thing about their life, or maybe even lots of things so that they have the life they dream of.

Some of those who have the life they want will just have fallen into having it all perfect. Others will have had to work hard to achieve their ideal life.

There is however another group of people to consider. These are people who talk about having the life they want and don’t actually take any action to make it happen.

Have the life you want

Know What You Want

When asked what the want their life to be like, I have heard many people say something like, I don’t know but I don’t want it as it is. This statement is a bit negative but if you truly don’t know what you want then lets turn that into something you can actually use.

Some people will make a list of the things they want in life but if you don’t know then try making a list of the things you don’t want in your life. Yes that’s right work out what you want by eliminating the things you know you don’t want.

It is a similar process that can work really well if you are single and would like to find a partner. Asking yourself what you want in a potential partner can be difficult but when you list the things you definitely don’t want then your vision of your ideal partner becomes clearer.

Visualise Your Life As You Would Like It To Be

Internalising your thoughts and dreams can sometimes mean you don’t get anything done when it comes to making them a reality.

Spend some time visualising the different areas of your life. Draw pictures, even if you are not a grade A artist, make notes, take pictures of things that serve as a reminder to you about the life you would like to have.

Basically what I am saying is get your thoughts out of just being in your mind to being in the real world. This can often be the first step to real change and making it a reality.

Take Action

Make a list

There may be lots of aspects of your life you would like to alter, make a list. Then there may be lots of subsections within that list. Write them down too. Once you have your list, no matter how big or how small it is, choose one thing on it.

Now all you have to do is forget everything else on the list and take one step closer to your perfect life by actioning that one item on your list. No, don’t think about auctioning it, do it, today.

Waiting For The World To Change

I hear people say that if only “X” was in place then my life would be as I want it. The responsibility you have to yourself is not to ask other people/circumstances to change so that you are happy, but to start with yourself and look at what you need to do so that your life is as it should be. Don’t Wait For Perfection. More often than not we wait for the perfect condition to be in place before moving forward with our life. Let me tell you, you could be waiting a long time.

Look For The BIG Ticket Item Which Solves Many Other Issues

Often you will have a list of things you want in your life. Possibly your list looks something like this

  • I want a new car, the one I have now is costing too much to repair
  • I would like to renew my kitchen the one I have now is old and outdated
  • My wardrobe needs updated, my clothes are a bit threadbare
  • I could to with a break, I haven’t had a holiday for 2 years

Do you notice anything about the list above so far? The issues seems to be lack of money. Solve your money issues and the list above can start to be ticked off.

Look for a common thread running through some of the items on your list and identify how solving one issue may delete them from the list.

Stay Positive and Enjoy What You Have Right Now

You may not have the life you dream of one day having but don’t let that stop you enjoying what you do have right now. Offer a sentence of gratitude each day for the things in your life right now that you do like.

Build on the good things you have right now to make them even better. Do this while working on the other items you feel need changed.

Life is an ever changing journey. Your wants and needs will change constantly as the years go by. Stay focused on the prize so that in your latter years you will have the joy of knowing that you have had a fulfilling life,