100 Second Interviews

What it is about

I would like to interview 100 inspirational/influential people in a 100 second video interview (yes that’s right, 100 seconds).

If you are, or know anyone who may be interested in doing this please let me know. I am looking for men, women, young, old …. you get the idea, I am looking for anyone who is inspirational and/or influential in their business life or personal life.

I will ask you as many quick-fire questions as I can during this ultra short interview (so be prepared to keep your answers short and concise)

The interview would go on YouTube and on my sites www.frankshapiro.com and www.shapirointernational.com (We are also building a wellbeing teaching site where the interviews will also be going on)

About me

  • I am a speaker and coach and have been for many years
  • I am based in the UK but our sites are worldwide and the audiences will be worldwide
  • Shapirointernational.com is a directory site for Speakers of all types (You DO NOT need to be a speaker to do an interview. I am looking for people from all walks of life)

About you

  • You are male or female
  • You are inspirational in ANY walk of life, business, personal, community ….
  • You are over 18 years old and under 150 years old
  • You have a microphone and web cam to use during the interview
  • You can be located in any part of the world (but speak English, as this is the only language I can speak)

Why Would You Want to Take Part?

  • Exposure
  • A bit of fun
  • You want to inspire people
  • You can show off your personality

A few Rules

  • You give us permission to use your interview on YouTube and websites or any other place and media
  • Your interview may or may not be used after the interview
  • There is no payment to you or by you for doing the interview
  • You must be 18 years of age or over (no upper limit)
  • You agree that we can edit the interview
  • All you need a microphone and camera on your computer and be connected to the internet
  • I will ask as many of the following questions (and maybe a few more) as possible, during the 100 second interview
  1. What is your name
  2. In which city/country do you live
  3. Give me 1 sentence that describes you
  4. Who is our inspiration in life and why?
  5. What is your number 1 tip for viewers of this interview?
  6. How do you get over disappointment?
  7. Do you have any “if onlys”
  8. Do you have a goal for the future and if so what is it?
  9. What is the best advice you have been given?

Contact me if you would like to take part