Have the life you want

Have The Life You Want Instead Of Talking About Having The Life You Want

Having The Life You Want There are millions of people in the world who have the life they want and they don’t want to change a thing. There are however many others who would like to change one thing about their life, or maybe even lots of things so that they have the life they dream of. Some of those who have the life they want will just have fallen into having it all perfect. Others will have had to work hard to achieve their ideal life. There is however another group of people to consider. These are people who talk about having the life they want and don’t actually take any action to make it happen. Know What You Want When asked what the want their life to be like, I have heard many people say something like, I don’t know but I don’t want it as it is. This statement is a bit negative[…]

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Act your age – you’re too old to have fun

Act your age – you’re too old to have fun Contact me now if you want to find out more about this topic Most of us have been embraced by our parents actions at sometime (or example seeing them on the dance floor at a wedding). There is a dawning process when you realised that your parents are human beings and not just there to feed, clothe and give you things that you needed. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we are human and not just there for other people. We want to have fun but often forget how. Society tells us that at different stage in our lives we should conform and act our age. A five year old can act irresponsibly ‘she’s only a child’. At sixteen, ‘well he’s just a teenager he’ll grow out of it. A twenty five year old, ‘look to the future, start[…]

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Unattached and Over 50 Give up on Love

Unattached and Over 50 Give up on Love Contact me now if you want to find out more about this topic Julie, by her own admission, has a life that many of her friends would love to have. She is financially independent, has two grown up successful children, has more friends than can be counted on two hands and could be out socialising every night of the week. Yet there is one part of Julie’s life that she admits to have given up on … Love. Like many women of a certain age and above, Julie finds herself single again after being in what she would describe as an ‘average successful relationship’ for many years. Like many relationships hers just dwindled into something that for her and her partner didn’t warrant staying together; so they didn’t. Since the break up Julie has really found her feet in the single social[…]

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